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Genetics has always been believed to be a fixed set of instructions however new research is showing that there is also what is called gene expression, and this is where environmental factors and the foods we eat can affect our genes positively or negatively. These areas of study are called EPIGENETICS and NUTRIGENOMICS


EPIGENETICS - This is defined as external factors that can influence the expression of your genes; turning them on when they should be off or off when they should be on. These factors can include sleep, the foods you eat, where you live, plastics and toxins in general as well as aging and exercise.


NUTRIGENOMICS - This is the study of nutrition and its interaction with genes and how it can impact your health.


GENETIC POLYMORPHISMS or Singular Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) - This is where your genetic code may have a variance in the DNA strand. Some SNPs include MTHFR, COMT, MAO, PEMT and GST 


At Inov8tive Health, we can test your genes for these SNPs and give you advice on how to best help you reach and/or maintain complete wellness.

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